Website Design & Development

marniCriminal & special education lawyer Marni Snyder decided to run for the P.A. House of Representatives and asked CastBright to create a professional looking site in a short time frame to compete with the other candidates sites.

ambrosialogoKarima Roepel, founder of Ambrosia Food Group, LLC, wanted to create a digital presence for her company that allowed for customers to easily sign up and pay for classes. Her positive experiences using EventBrite in the past allowed us to integrate that system into her CMS. In addition, we were able to automate a number of business processes that allows for current and future scaling.

northpenndemCastBright has been charged with leading the design and development of the North Penn Democrats for School Board election website.

We-love-philly-real-estate-logoStephen Mazza was looking to brand his real estate digital image in a unique way outside of the traditional single page off the agency’s website. That’s what started the idea of ‘We Love Philly Real Estate’. In close collaboration, CastBright produced and hosts his website.

PRNPCastBright was asked by the Philadelphia Regional NOYCE Partnership (PRNP) to create a web presence for their partnership, which would also house an interactive mentor connection space. Today, students from across the Philadelphia region are able to connect with mentors to who look to support their first several years of teaching in a k-12 setting. In addition to this website  project, CastBright also recorded conference and workshop sessions during the year with the goal of publishing that content to their website. Check out the site @

TEClogo2The The Enterprise Center in Philadelphia received seed money to train food vendors on areas like finical literacy, law, and food safety to name a few. The center selected BrightCast to record and produce the training modules for the center’s constituents. These modules serve as an assistant to some of the core ideas food entrepreneurs need to know when starting out or operating as a small business. In addition to the training videos, CastBright was charged with creating a short promo video to act as a marketing piece for the program’s future sessions.

Check out the work on their Youtube Page @

AAPThe PA Chapter wants to create an intuitive and comprehensive landing page for youth clinical resources that can be accessed by physicians, parents and youth. The site will launch in June 2017

Web Hosting Projects

CastBright provides website hosting as a service through a cloud based service, Media Temple, to its partners. Some webhosting only projects include:,,,